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Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 HVAZ Aiga Challenge

On Thursday 28th November approximately 200 guests attended the AH+ HVAZ Aiga Challenge Prizegiving held at Congregational Christian Church Samoa in Sandringham.

All year, the 495 participants from 14 Samoan churches around Auckland, have worked hard exercising and improving their nutrition with the ultimate aim of losing weight and reducing their Body Mass Index (BMI), resulting in overall improved health and wellbeing.

The desire for improved health, coupled with a dose of healthy (!) competition drives hard work and commitment from participants who compete on both an individual level and also as a church group, against the other competing churches.

Key Guest Speaker was Dave Letele founder of BBM Motivation who years ago, found himself weighing in at 210kg. His inspirational story includes losing over 100kgs and setting up a successful, health and wellbeing programme that is free and is now helping hundreds of Pacific people to lose weight and get healthy.

Dave had three quick tips:

1) Stop drinking fizzy drinks

2) Stop eating junk food

3) Get walking

...and four key messages:

1) Just START

2) Be consistent - no one is perfect if you fall off the wagon, get up and get back on

3) Surround yourself with supportive people

4) No excuses!

Two other Guest Speakers, Rev Paulo Ieli from The Methodist Church of NZ Ponsonby Parish and Rev Fogalele Iosia from The Samoan Methodist Church Mt Roskill told their own personal and inspiring stories of overcoming health challenges.

Fa’afetai tele lava to ALL members of our churches who participated in the 2019 Aiga Challenge and to those who attended the event to join in the celebrations.

2019 HVAZ Aiga Challenge Award Winners:

1. Highest reduction of BMI (%):

Aged 5 – 16 years: Lila Faitoto’a Jr

Aged 17 – 25 years: Fila Bruland

Aged 26 – 59 years: Daisy Laulu

Aged 60+ years: Sala Laufili

2. Highest waist measurement reduction:

Aged 5 – 16 years: Lena Ioane

Aged 17 – 25 years: Knightingale Fa’alelea

Aged 26 – 59 years: Sieni Lilomaiava

Aged 60+ years: Puapuaga Paiaaua

3. Maintaining weight loss over the last three AH+ HVAZ Aiga Challenges:

Congregational Christian Church Samoa (CCCS) Sandringham Trust Board (EFKS Sandringham)

4. Overall winner in the AH+ HVAZ Aiga Challenge 2019:

Samoan Seventh Day Adventist Church Onehunga

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