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United for the cause

Alliance Health Plus is delighted to announce that we are joining forces with The Cause Collective to create more effective, integrated, health and wellbeing outcomes for Pacific populations and South Auckland communities.

Social change agency The Cause Collective (TCC) and Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Alliance Health Plus (AH+) will launch under one banner on 1 December 2022.

As separate organisations, TCC and AH+ now provide primary health care and wellbeing services for more than 120,000 people in the Auckland region.

“We are pleased to announce that we are combining to be one team: one integrated, organisational family. This will make us more effective in smart, circuit-breaker, action-oriented anticipation of Health New Zealand’s changes. Our aim is a stronger, sharper focus on health transformation for our Pasifika, Māori and vulnerable communities in South Auckland,” said Mr Uluomatootua (Ulu) Aiono, Chairman of TCC and AH+.

The integrated group will operate under the TCC banner. With about 100 staff, the new organisation will be based in the TCC offices in Manukau.

“Our integration and combined strengths will create a more effective range of skills and resources. Our AH+ clinician leaders’ expertise in primary and community care, combined with TCC’s strengths in critical thinking and systems will focus on Pasifika, Māori and vulnerable people in our South Auckland communities. We also understand the necessity for flexibility and anticipation of pan-locality access and working relationships.

“We will have greater resources that will enable us to develop effective, breakthrough solutions for our communities. They no longer want to be mere consumers. They want to be active participants in the full spectrum of social and clinical determinants for their own primary health care and wellbeing.

“The combination and integration of our two organisations’ collective skills and experience will make us more effective in identifying the bottlenecks and constraints in the full inventory of determinants for health and wellbeing. Only then can any organisation improve prevention, reduce inequity and inequality in health, and cause people in our communities to live longer, healthier, quality lives.

“The Hon Andrew Little and Health New Zealand are leading our country into transformational change of the health and disability sector. They call all New Zealanders to support the Government in driving improved outcomes. We want our integrated approach to become one of the necessary circuit-breaker interventions amongst others from key stakeholders of New Zealand's primary health care and wellbeing supply chain. Otherwise, key stakeholders will, never effectively, enable, equip and support General Practitioners, their patients, NGOs, volunteers and communities to be active participants, not just consumers, in primary health care and social wellbeing,” said Mr Aiono.

TCC Chief Executive Officer Ms Rachel Enosa will lead the integrated organisation. Ms Enosa was previously the AH+ Director for Community Initiatives. So, Ms Enosa knows many of the AH+ staff, general practice clinics and key stakeholders.

AH+ Chief Executive Officer Mr Wayne Williams has served in the role for six years and has decided he is ready for new challenge. When the new team is formed, Mr Williams will continue to work alongside Ms Enosa using his knowledge and expertise to ensure successful integration for all staff and stakeholders.


TCC is the sister organisation of AH+. In 2016 AH+ established TCC to work on the social and economic determinants of health and wellbeing for Pasifika, Māori and vulnerable communities in South Auckland. AH+ is a Primary Health Organisation with 40+ General Practices, providing services to Pasifika and underserved communities.


Spokesperson Mr Uluomatootua S. Aiono ONZM

Chairman Alliance Health Plus Trust and The Cause Collective

Phone: +64-21-983-457

Pictured below: Mr Uluomatootua (Ulu) Aiono, Chairman of TCC and AH+

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