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Congratulations Tongan Health Society – NZ Primary Healthcare Awards ‘General Practice of the Year’

For the very first time, primary healthcare GPs, nurses, practice managers and pharmacists had the chance to shine at the inaugural New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards | He Tohu Mauri Ora.

Held by Health Media Ltd and the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand Inc, the prestigious awards support and reward innovation, collaboration and outcomes in the primary healthcare sector across 22 categories.

We are very proud of Tongan Health Society (THS), one of our Pacific practices, who took home the ‘General Practice of the Year’ award at the Gala dinner in February 2020. AH+ CEO Wayne Williams commented “we have always been proud of the work THS do with their communities and in particular how they continually strive to develop innovative programmes to support holistic care of their enrolled families.”

Image above: Board Chairperson, the Board, CEO, and Staff of the Tongan Health Society

The criteria for this award was outlined as; a multidisciplinary general practice team that has had a positive impact on general practice and on improving the patient experience. The team will have worked towards equity in all aspects of care. They will be well managed, innovative and engaged in the community and the wider primary healthcare sector.

Dr Glenn Doherty, Tongan Health Society (THS) CEO and Medical Director, said the award was a true honour and represents the hard work of the board, management and staff across a wide range of services. Work is performed in clinics, our preschool, homes, schools, church halls and the community. We work with children, adults, families, youth and our old people, and this includes people from all cultures.

Board Chairperson, Dr Maika Kinahoi Veikune, said the award was a reflection of continued excellence, innovation and best practice that is grounded and underpinned by outstanding leadership. Over the last six years the Society has continued to perform at a high level with a diverse management and board work programme.



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