Strong Families, Strong Communities, Living well longer

Our Vision

We're here for you...

Alliance Health Plus (AH+) is a Primary Healthcare Organisation (PHO) that has a focus on Pacific and high needs population health.
Our network of 36 General Practices and over 109,000 patients is serviced by a highly experienced and proactive Practice Network Team (PNT) that provides consistent support and guidance. The team also focus on advocating the complex needs of practices to ensure that our practices are being listened to and their needs being met.
We also service Pacific communities within the Auckland region through our Pacific Integration Development Strategy (PIDS) team. Taking a front facing, hands on approach the PIDS team works closely with churches, community groups and organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific communities throughout Auckland.

AH+ works collaboratively with other PHOs in the Auckland region as well as the District Health Boards to ensure that we are providing and delivering the best health outcomes for our communities.

Our Visions, Mission and Values...

Strong Families, Strong Communities, Living well longer​
This is our vision, our guiding principal in all that we do. Each day in all that we do we strive to attain the vision of all families and communities to live a strong, well and long life.
To transform the health & well-being of Pacific & high needs communities
Our mission is focused on the necessity to increase health equity of Pacific and high needs communities through education, technology, quality service delivery and ensuring the communities' voices are heard.
Compassion + Courage + Honesty + Respect + Service
Our values underpin all management and governance decisions, provide the grounding for which we conduct our interactions with others and creates the strong foundation upon which we all grow. All PHO staff and clinical staff are constantly encouraged to live these values each and every day that we serve our families and communities.