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COVID-19 Vaccine
Pacific Community Education

The Covid-19 vaccine is FREE.  It is your choice to have the vaccine. 
NZ has enough vaccines for EVERYONE who chooses to be vaccinated.

By protecting ourselves with the vaccine we are also protecting our families and communities as well as Pacific neighbours by reducing the chance of taking the virus home to our Pacific nations.

Karyn Ne’emia, Pacific Equity Manager and the AH+ Pacific Equity team (with the support of CMDHB) are leading an important programme rollout of Covid Vaccine Education sessions, delivered within church and community group settings providing a familiar environment where attendees feel comfortable.  The programme began (unfunded) in April 2021 as a direct response to a need identified through our close relationship with AH+ Healthy Village Action Zone churches.

The team coordinates and plans the education sessions which are delivered alongside a panel of Pacific Clinicians from the AH+ general practice network and collaborating professionals. The team delivers factual information and answers any questions the group has. In most cases, the clinicians on the panel speak the Pacific language of the group they are visiting, removing any possibility of a language barrier.

Feedback has shown that in-person, face-to-face education is playing a large role in the vaccine decision-making process for many of the session attendees.


If your Pacific church or community group is interested in taking part in a Covid vaccination education session please contact:

Aumua To’o Vagea


09 588 4260

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