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General Practices

Our services to you

We look at our Practice Network as a family with a strong sense of respect and support. We enable and encourage the Network to deliver the best quality care possible for the families and communities they serve. We hold our services and management systems in high regard, evidenced by our ISO certification systems implemented over several years. We were one of the first PHOs in New Zealand to implement ISO level systems and processes for quality management.

With a personalised approach to how we support practices, we are able to fit our services to your needs. Our dedicated team of Practice Advisors are able to visit practices at a frequency that suits to answer any queries and give valuable in-person assistance. We are agile, adaptive and informed. Our staff are highly qualified, experienced, and are great problem solvers.

What we offer:

  • Specialist knowledge in servicing high-needs populations, with a focus on Pacific health and other underserved populations

  • Financial advisory services from an experienced finance team, that includes a Chartered Accountant and contract management expertise

  • Greater autonomy on how funding is applied to your practice through our Flexible Funding Pool (FFP) programme

  • Robust data systems, allowing for high-level collation and interpretation using Mohio Data services

  • Clinical tools which enable the practice to monitor their performance in real-time

  • Consistent newsletters (Health Hub) advising on important events, initiatives and news in order to reduce emails

  • A Clinical Governance Committee that provides recommendations directly to the AH+ Senior Leadership Team

  • Primary mental health services

  • Foundation and Cornerstone level accreditation support assessment 

  • Support to promote the role of nurses and nurse-led clinics, as well as support with nursing PDRP

  • Regular updates on education and MOP training opportunities

  • In-house training for practice staff to support new programmes and systems

  • An online e-Library for members to access all available resources including training

  • Start-up packs for members of the network interested in starting new clinics

  • Support with business analysis using our unique Cost of Care Wizard tool

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If you want to join the AH+ Practice Network, and be a part of inspiring health transformation please contact:
Vanita Hira

09 588 4278

or  027 282 6482

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