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Our services to you

We believe that healthcare starts with our communities. Patients are what make up our communities in Auckland, as such a targeted focus on how their healthcare can be shaped is a necessary component of what we do daily.

We have a communities team that actively go into church congregations and community groups to help facilitate healthcare awareness and education initiatives. These initiatives include: Healthy Action Village Zone, Mama's House and Rheumatic Fever prevention & awareness programme. These initiatives are currently run in the Waitemata and Auckland Central areas, but future plans are in place to expand into the Counties Manukau area.

We also maintain a strong Pacific Health Provider network,
that works with general practices to provide accessible
healthcare to the Pacific populations in Counties Manukau.

A further extension of our community influence is with our
sister organisation Alliance Communities Initiatives Trust
(ACIT). Formed in 2016 ACIT are researching the social
determinants of health within our communities. Essentially,
how do the living conditions,employment, schooling and family situations all effect health outcomes. Conducting comprehensive research into these social determinants, leads to immensely important data and analytics into how to best support the healthcare needs of our communities.

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