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Te Iti Pounamu Hauora launched to help South Auckland’s most vulnerable.

Te Iti Pounamu Hauora was blessed virtually on Monday 14th February by Manurewa Marae Kaumātua and Chairman Rangi Mclean who also gifted the service its name. Rangi McLean was assisted physically on the ground by Alliance Health Plus Board member, Dr Pauline Kingi.

The service is an initiative of GP Dr Juliet Tay and Nurse Practitioner Rebecca Fenn, born from a long-standing passion to help the community. The van will take to the streets of South Auckland from Thursday 17th February providing free mobile health services to vulnerable and hard-to-reach people, while working with them to establish a relationship with a suitable local GP.

Alliance Health Plus (Primary Health Organisation) is proud to be funding the initiative which will increase healthcare accessibility to improve outcomes for South Aucklanders. Alliance Health Plus is also providing business support across project management, finance, IT and quality assurance as well as supporting Te Iti Pounamu Hauora to secure longer term funding.

Dr Tay and Rebecca have strong connections with agencies in the area such as The Pride Project, Clendon Navigators, NZ Police, Oranga Tamariki, The Anglican Women’s Trust and LinkPeople, it is through referrals from organisations such as these that the mobile service will help those most in need.

Below L-R: Wayne Williams, Vanita Hira, Dr Juliet Tay, Lonah Fiaui, Rebecca Fenn.



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