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Inga the Winger’s Project ODICE

The prevalence of diabetes in Pasifika and Māori people is

approximately 3 times higher than  among other New Zealanders[1]

and 63.4% of Pacific adults are considered obese[2].

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On 27th June 2021, All Black great Fesola’i Va’aiga Tuigamala ‘Inga the Winger’ launched his own

Project ODICE (Obesity Diabetes Intervention Champion Evangelist).

Earlier in the year, Va’aiga was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and in April he ended up in hospital. At the start of June, AH+ Chairman Mr Ululomatootua Aiono met with Va’aiga and from there Project ODICE was born; Va’aiga as an obesity and diabetes intervention champion evangelist, making positive changes to get back to good health through hard work, determination and dedication, while bringing others along with him.

Va’aiga’s health journey has begun. Already in 25 days he has lost almost 10 kgs and his vision has dramatically improved due to a reduction in his sugar intake and a diet of plant-based foods.

The story is unfolding, being captured and will soon be shared; the high, lows, challenges, celebrations and connections along the way, with the hope that it will inform, educate and most importantly, inspire many more Pasifika to start on a journey back to health. For ourselves and for our families – to live better and to live longer, to see our parents grow old and to take part in raising our grandchildren.

Alliance Health Plus is proud to be the primary sponsor of ODICE. Check back to see the journey for yourself.