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To'o Vaega Graduates NZIS Personal Trainer Level 4

We are proud to celebrate yet another achievement of one of our AH+ staff. This time, we acknowledge and send a warm congratulations to HVAZ Coordinator, Aumua To'o Vaega who recently graduated from the New Zealand Institute of Sport (NZIS) with Personal Trainer Level 4 qualifications.

To'o was one of 14 graduates who participated in the course thanks to a scholarship opportunity through ADHB and NZIS. All 14 graduates were from the AH+ HVAZ network or Enua Ola from The Fono. The course was undertaken through part-time study alongside existing work and/or other study commitments, with sessions three times a week for 30 weeks.

Showing leadership, support and dedication to the HVAZ programme and fellow HVAZ NZIS students, the knowledge To'o has gained will further serve our HVAZ churches and improve the health and wellbeing of our Pacific communities.

To'o Vaega (far right) and some of the other graduates

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