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Alliance Health Plus' Staggering Patient Portal Increase

In just six weeks Alliance Health Plus (AH+) has increased its overall Patient Portal registrations by 3,235 thanks to a competition run between its practices.

(Dr. Rajneesh Sharma & Sushma Sharma of Bishop Medical)

The competition ran from 1 April till 15 May, involved all 25 practices and 109,000 patients. The push to increase portal registrations was a response to Ministry of Health (MoH) target of 10% of all PHO enrolled patient populations being registered by 30 June. AH+ is only 0.25% away from achieving this target and will be able to do this early.

Philippa Little, Project Manager for the Patient Portal implementation at AH+ says: “The competition was a bit of fun to get the practices more involved with the portal implementation. But, we did not expect to get the amazing response and increase that we’ve seen.”

Bishop Medical in East Tamaki was a standout during the competition with a 24% increase in registrations over the 6 week period, bringing 50% of their patient population onboard with the patient portal.

Dr. Rajneesh Sharma, from Bishop Medical said: “the increase in patients on the portals has meant a reduction in calls relating to booking in appointments, lab results and repeat prescriptions.” Patient feedback has also been overwhelmingly positive.

“One patient explained they felt ‘empowered by using the portal’ as they felt more confident in having easier, live access to their medical records as well as being able to track their health goals and journaling health issues” he continued.

Aiming to reach the MoH target early is an example of how AH+ continues to inspire health transformation for its practices and patients.

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