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Pacific Community Navigators

Supporting our Pacific community to access the right health and social services to improve health and wellbeing

During COVID-19, AH+ was given the opportunity to respond to the growing need for health and social support in the community. From our experience and relationships we knew that creating Pacific Community Navigators who were available to our GP practices would create long-lasting benefit for our Pacific people.

Pacific patients make up 32% of patients enrolled in AH+ practices. 56% of those patients are NOT enrolled with a practice that is classed a Pacific Provider, therefore many of our Pacific continue to miss out on further support simply because the funding required is not available through their own general practice.

AH+ began the Pacific Community Navigator Service Pilot in May 2020 and the programme continues today with three Pacific staff delivering the programme to patients from nine AH+ general practices. Our service gives our practices a place to refer Pacific patients in need of assistance from other health and social service providers.

Although Community Navigators are not a new concept, our programme introduces a unique 360-degree feedback loop; the referring GP is updated with their patient’s connection with outside support services, allowing for improved continuity of care. It is clear from the numbers and feedback that this is a valuable service.

Navigators Dashboard.PNG

The key to success is working together with patients, their families, GP practices and the many social providers – both Pacific, Maori and mainstream. We believe that supporting these patients in a more holistic way, will give them space to begin to prioritise health, resulting in improved outcomes.


To find out more about the programme contact:

Karyn Ne'emia, Pacific Equity Manager


L - R: Our Pacific Community Navigators; Nainai Tipelu, Malae Sanders, Talalelei Misikopa with Xmas 'essentials' hampers for their families.

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