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Taking care of your mental health.

COVID-19 has been a time of change for all of us.

The way in which live our daily lives has changed – work and travel, shopping and exercising –accessing healthcare and many other aspects.  Home schooling has also become the new ‘normal’ with online learning.

We all react differently to being in ‘lockdown’ – some people find it easy, while others will find this a challenging time.  The Mental Health Foundation emphasizes the importance of looking after each other during this time – and connecting with family and friends. This is the most important factor in looking after our mental health and wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of our whanau and community as we navigate our way through these times.

The Mental Health Foundation and the Ministry of Health have provided various resources, to support our Mental Health and Wellbeing during this time. Over the next few weeks, we will share some of these resources with you.



Melon Health

A safe space to connect and support each other with self-care resources for our emotional wellbeing. In this unusual time, finding ways to manage our days at home will be really important. Our thoughts, actions and behaviours will help us get through. This community is made up of people like you as well as support workers, gathered in one place to walk alongside you and get through this together. Click through to find out more and join the community.

All Right?

Based in Canterbury, All Right? was launched in February 2013 to support the psychosocial recovery of Cantabrians following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. Since then, it has become a trusted brand in the community and it's new campaign 'Getting through together' is supporting NZ'ers through COVID-19 with simple advice, articles and you can share your own ideas on the 'Getting through together wall'. Check it out here.



Co-founded by none other than the great Sir John Kirwan, Mentemia is an app (FREE to all New Zealanders) that coaches mental wellbeing. It is packed with evidence-based ideas and tools to help you learn how to be well, and stay well. It helps you deal with the most common stressors we experience in the modern connected world today - poor sleep, anxiety and stress. These stressors, if left unattended, can significantly impact your quality of life at home and work.

With Mentemia, you’ll discover what things can help you feel more energised, more productive, and better equipped for whatever the world throws at you today. Visit Mentemia here.

Staying on Track

Run by 'Just a thought', the 'Staying on Track' programme is a FREE online course introducing easy-to-use, practical strategies to cope with the stress and disruption of day-to-day life as an impact of COVID-19.
The course will teach you how to support your mental and emotional health through learning how to look after your worry and choose behaviours that will help you and your whānau stay on track. Check it out here.


The Ministry of Health Website also contains a host of information specifically to help support your mental wellbeing during COVID-19.

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