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General Practice is still open and available to provide healthcare when you need it. However, the way you receive care has changed with consultations taking place ‘virtually’ if possible.


Virtual consultations (also called ‘telehealth’ or ‘eConsulations’) are a new way of seeing your doctor or other health provider, that enables you to get the healthcare you need, without meeting in person. Reducing unnecessary physical contact between a patient and practitioner, is one of the important ways that we can help keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A virtual consultation may take place via a phone call, video call or by sending secure messages through a patient portal. You will be asked to pay for a virtual consultation, as you would if you visited your provider in person.


It is important to note that if you must see your health provider in person (e.g. for a flu vaccination), this is still possible and your clinic has processes and procedures in place to ensure you are kept safe. When you phone to make an appointment your clinic will advise if your appointment will be virtual or requires an in-person visit.


You can find more information on virtual consults here.

What is a Virtual Consultation?

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