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Welcoming TupuToa intern Nathan Tunupopo to AH+

AH+ is proud to be a Scholarship Partner of TupuToa - an internship programme that creates pathways for Pasifika and Maori students into careers in the corporate and professional sectors. This partnership sits perfectly alongside our own AH+ Internship Programme which also works to provide career pathways and experience for Pasifika health students.

In December 2019 we were blessed to welcome Nathan Tunupopo to the the AH+ family for a three month internship. Introduced to TupuToa through a campus recruitment drive, Nathan is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Auckland, with a major in Exercise Science and minor in Computer Science. He is working alongside our Health Intelligence and Informatics Lead, assisting in collecting, managing and reporting data across the business and supporting the implementation of a new data collection database for BBM Motivation.

Above: AH+ TupuToa Intern Nathan Tunupopo

Nathan has quickly become part of our family and we value the great work he is doing, contributing to improving the health of our communities. Nathan has kindly shared some thoughts about his time here so far:

“I absolutely love it here! The AH+ team have created such a warm and positive work environment for me. It has been so refreshing to be able to step out into the corporate world and be welcomed by such amazing professionals who love their work and are willing to make time to help the new kid on the block.

My time with AH+ has definitely motivated me to continue studying and perfecting my skill set so that I can be of more use to our community. My heart is there, but I feel I still have a long way to go in improving my skills so I can serve our people at my best” Nathan Tunupopo

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