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AH+ wrap up the ‘Health Your Self’ Wellbeing challenge by walking the talk at Round the Bays.

Sunday 3rd March marked the end of the 'Health Your Self' Wellbeing challenge that has been the source of some healthy (ah-hem) competition in the AH+ office for the past 8 weeks. The plan was to finish the challenge in Round Bays with 29,000 Aucklanders including representatives of the AH+ team.

The AH+ crew after completing Round the Bays

Based around the principles and methods in the book 'Health Your Self' by the All Blacks' strength and conditioning coach, Dr Nic Gill, the challenge was optional however, many staff chose to take part. Weekly motivational tips and advice was displayed in the staff kitchen and weigh-ins happened every Friday, followed by the anxious wait for the results showing overall % weight-loss per participant.

Congratulations to everyone who took place and contributed to the 40% combined body weight that was lost over the 8 weeks!

Although the challenge has finished, monthly weigh-ins will continue as motivation for those who wish to continue. The challenge sits well alongside the AH+ Staff Wellness Policy that supports healthy eating and physical activity.

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