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AH+ appoint two new board members

We are proud to announce the appointment of two influential health leaders to the AH+ Board!

The AH+ Board is privileged and excited to appoint Dr Primrose- a highly respected doctor, consultant and advisor to the national health sector. Dr Primrose is a former Chief Advisor to the Ministry of Health on Primary Health Care, the immediate past Clinical Director for AH+ and current Chair of the Auckland Metro Clinical Governance Group,

Ms Sharon Shea has also been appointed by the AH+ Board. Ms Shea is exceptionally well qualified, with degrees in Law, Arts and Comparative Social Policy (Distinction). Well known and highly regarded as a consultant in the health sector Ms Shea is an internationally renowned trainer and practitioner of outcomes-based practice. Of Maori descent Ms Shea has worked extensively in Maori, Pacific and other high needs communities bringing great insight into the social determinants of health and dedication to improvement in health equity.

(Back- Ms Sharon Shea. Foreground - Dr Jim Primrose)

AH+ CEO Wayne Williams says that the appointments of Dr Jim Primrose and Ms Sharon Shea adds to the knowledge base, richness and diversity of Board discussions in advancing AH+ towards the achievement of its mission by inspiring health transformation.

AH+ Chairman Uluomato’otua (Ulu) Saulaulu Aiono says that securing the two new appointees significantly increases Alliance Health Plus' ability to attain its four strategic goals in a few years.

The Alliance Health Plus Board and staff formally welcomed Dr Primrose and Ms Shea on Wednesday, 18 October 2017. The ceremony was Pacific-led with strong Pacific and Maori representation inclusive of AH+'s staff, communities of interest and practice network's multiple cultures including Asian, Indian and European.

AH+ Board Members are now: Mr Ulu Aiono, Chairman; Dr Siro Fuata'i, Establishment Chairman & Deputy Chairman; Mr Leo Foliaki, Chairman of Finance, Audit and Risk; Dr Malakai Ofanoa; Dr Mark Eustace; Ms Sharon Shea; Dr Jim Primrose.

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