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Safety in Practice

The aim of the Safety in Practice programme is to create a consistent approach to enhancing the quality improvement capability of GPs within the Auckland region by focusing on patient safety.

The programme’s key objectives are to:

  • Augment the capacity and capability of quality improvement and patient safety methods and processes;

  • Improve and develop GP practice systems and processes to ensure critical, high risk processes are carried out safely and reliably;

  • Prevent or reduce harm and improve the quality of care for patients with chronic conditions through safer and better management of medications; and

  • Promote a culture of safety.

A number of AH+ practices have participated in the Safety in Practice Programme since it started in 2014;  in 2016/17  seven practices were involved. AH+ works with DHBs to support practices to implement the various care bundles.


For more information on the Safety in Practice Programme, go to:




If you have any questions please contact: Karyn Ne'emia - or 027 722 52796


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