Our Clinical Governance Committee

The Clinical Governance Committee (CGC) provides advice to Alliance Health Plus on clinical issues, with the aim of assisting the organisation and its contracted providers to improve the health of its enrolled population. 


The objectives of the CGC are consistent with the NZ Triple Aim Framework and are also consistent with the New Zealand Health Strategy’s five themes:

  • People-powered

  • Closer to home

  • Value and high performance

  • One team, and

  • Smart system.  

Current members of the Clinical Governance Committee are:

  • Dr Tana Fishman, Chair -Clinical Director AH+ PHO & Greenstone Family Clinic

  • Mrs. Pauline Sanders-Telfer - Clinical Nurse Leader - AH+ PHO

  • Dr Andrew Chan Mow - South Seas Healthcare

  • Dr Amanda Bishop - Mangere Family Doctors

  • Dr Michael Wilson - Mangere Family Doctors

  • Mrs. Sushma Sharma - Bishop Medical Centre

  • Miss. Devika Dayal - Greenstone Family Clinic

  • Dr Nua Tupai - Bader Drive Doctors

  • Dr Glennis Mafi - Tongan Health Society

  • Mrs. Mele Vaka - Tongan Health Society

  • Mr. Myen Naidu - Seddon Medical Clinic

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