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Smart Systems incorporating Patient Portals

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21 March 2016

In alignment with the updated Ministry of Health strategy draft, Alliance Health Plus has been working towards incorporating Patient Portals into General Practices. Smart System is one of five key themes of this new strategy; as technology develops it is becoming more important to use this in a way that can benefit both clinical staff and patients.

Benefits of Smart Systems;

  • Information is reliable, accurate and available at the point of care
  • Individual online health records that people are able to access and contribute to
  • Data and smart information systems that improve evidence-based decisions, management reporting and clinical audit
  • Standardised technology that allows us to easily make efficient changes
  • Being able to take advantage of opportunities of new and emerging technologies.

Patient portals are secure, online tools that help patient’s manage and keep track of their health 24/7. The portals are used tobook appointments, view lab results, request repeat prescriptions and access medical history.

There are also major benefits of using a Patient Portal for General Practices, particularly for the Nurses and front desk personnel in time reduction and reducing the chance of errors and miscommunications.

Managed by Practice Advisor Philippa Little, AH+ supports practices through funding and guidance. A collective contract was finalised in December 2015 between Medtech and Auckland PHOs. The contract allows for reduced costs along with initial set up and training. My Practice have also finalised a contract with AH+ which also allows for reduced costs. Since the collective contracts have been signed, 10 practices are using Patient Portals with the final three going live at the end of March. These practices;

  • Hong Kong Surgery
  • Bader Drive Healthcare
  • Greenstone Family Clinic
  • Mangere Family Doctors
  • Sandhu Doctors
  • Bishop Medical Centre
  • Hall Avenue Medical Centre
  • Southpoint Family Doctors
  • Otahuhu Family Practice
  • Victoria Park Medical