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Empowering Pacific communities – Pacific Providers taking the lead

Mama’s House TM finalist in 2015 ADHB Excellence Awards

Teamwork and persistence: key to a successful cervical screening programme

Auckland Pacific Engagement Service (PES) providers are helping empower communities to create and implement innovative ideas aimed at reducing rheumatic fever numbers.  The ADHB introduced Health Excellence Awards in 2011 to acknowledge initiatives that have made a difference to the health and experience of patients as well as communities.  Cervical cancer affects around 160 women in New Zealand per year, leading the Ministry of Health to prioritise the national cervical screening programme and aiming to have 80% of all women aged between 25 and 96 to be screened every three years.
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HVAZ – 2015 AIGA CHALLENGE – Celebrating Pacific churches living well and staying well!

Mangere Otara Locality

Smart Systems incorporating Patient Portals

On the 8th of December 2015 at Nafanua Hall in Avondale, the Healthy Village Action Zone (HVAZ) programme successfully completed their third consecutive weight loss challenge. Counties Manukau Health (CMH) is working with primary health and community providers to integrate health and social services so that services are better, sooner and more convenient for patients, and ultimately, more effective. In alignment with the updated Ministry of Health strategy draft, Alliance Health Plus has been working towards incorporating Patient Portals into General Practices. 
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