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What is a primary health organisation (PHO)?

A primary health organisation (PHO) is one way the Government organises primary care in New Zealand. A PHO is made up of a number of general practices and sometimes non-government organisations (NGOs) who work together as a network to provide care for patients who are enrolled with them. PHOs receive funding from the Ministry of Health via District Health Boards to subsidise healthcare for their enrolled population.

Enrolment in any primary health organisation (PHO) is voluntary, but people are encouraged to join a PHO in order to gain the benefits associated with belonging to a PHO.  These benefits include much cheaper doctors’ visits and better access for immunisations and national health screening programmes (e.g. cervical screening, breast screening).

Why should I enrol with AH+?

The benefits of being enrolled with our PHO include:

  • Good quality healthcare in comfortable, caring and well located settings
  • Access to a workforce that is frequently bilingual and always culturally responsive
  • Treatment by health care professionals that maintains the dignity and respect of patients and their families
  • Access to family centred models of care and wraparound support
  • Many of our practices are Very Low Cost Access - fees are published on the website

How do I enrol?

If you would like to enrol with an AH+ practice, you can fill out an enrolment form next time you visit an AH+ medical centre. You can only be enrolled with one practice at a time. We encourage our families to build a long-term relationship with their primary care provider so they get to know your health needs and can work with you and your family to ensure you receive the best care possible.

For more information about PHO enrolment click here or contact:

Manager Practice Network, Vanita Hira vanitah "at" alliancehealth.org.nz

To find an AH+ GP clinic click here