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About us

Established in August 2010, Alliance Health Plus Trust (AH+) is a health and community services organisation.  As the only Pacific-Led Primary Health Organisation in New Zealand, AH+ has an enrolled population of 106,532 across 33 General Practices in the Counties Manukau, Auckland and Waitemata DHB districts.  While AH+ has a particular focus on Pacific and high needs populations, the AH+ Practice Network offers an inclusive model catering for a wide range of providers with different needs, goals and aspirations. Our practices cover an expanding range of demographic groups, are Very Low Cost Access (VLCA) or non-VLCA practices, and are located in city, urban and rural areas.

While AH+ as an organisation is relatively new, its provider network represents a long history of Pacific Health and Primary Care contributions to the NZ health system.  In addition to being a PHO, the organisation also supports Tangata o le Moana (a Pacific Provider network), the Rheumatic Fever prevention Pacific Engagement Strategy, and is a commissioner of Pacific Health services for  the Counties Manukau District Health Board and Auckland District Health Board. 

AH+ is expanding its role and function within health and community services - particularly in the areas of health service integration, and of intersectoral integration where that will influence the social determinants of health. We believe that achieving this will benefit all population groups and will also improve the working lives of clinicians and their ability to better meet the needs of the populations they serve.

The core functions of AH+ include:


Our Vision

Strong Families, Strong Communities, Living well longer.

Our Mission

Transforming the health and wellbeing of Pacific and high needs communities.

Our Values

  • People First: We place our value and respect for people and their culture at the centre of what we do
  • Leadership: We deliver great outcomes across all levels of our organisation by being effective leaders in all that we do
  • Quality Focus: We are committed to best practice, consistency, dependability, continuous improvement and to making a real difference
  • Integrity: We strive to be transparent and to not compromise our standards of reliability and honesty
  • Innovation: We are always seeking new solutions to better meet the needs of our patients, practices and funders across health and community service sectors
  • Team Work: We use individual and collective strengths to work together to achieve the shared vision